2006 has been a terrific year! Madison is now 5 and in kindergarten.
She enjoys school and has a boyfriend on the bus ; ). She's been
involved in dance, swimming, ice skating, and soccer. She has grown
up so much. It's surprising that some of the words from her mouth could
come from a 5-year-old. She's very creative and loves to draw pictures
and make crafts. She's also seen every episode of Full House at least 14
times : ).  
      William is now 2! He has grown from his pointing stage and can
now usually tell you what he wants. He loves toy trains and playing ball.
Soon he'll play soccer just like his big cousin Amanda : ).
      Barrett is also growing up so fast! He's even got a few grey hairs in
there(jk!) but of course Jennifer is as BEAUTIFUL as always : ). Even
though every year they lose more ability to stay up late they're still the
same favorite aunt and uncle they've always been!
*_The Kaiz Family_*